"I want to laugh so hard that I feel a six pack fusing together. That’s comedy."
Jen Hecht


Welcome to Sit Down Entertainment!


My absolute passion is writing scripts and watching the characters’ arc develop as their journey unfolds.  There are some exciting projects on the horizon and I will be sure to keep the site updated on new developments. I’m also in the process of updating the layout of the site so don’t forget to subscribe for updates.
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Life Scenes

I created the life scenes page to give ordinary readers an opportunity to provide a glimpse of their sometimes ordinary and sometimes extraordinary life moments.  Everybody has at least one great life scene whether you’re a screenwriter or not. Through the life scenes page, I take the comedic life moment and write it as a scene in a movie. I also like to throw in a few random blogs as well. I would love to hear your feedback. Please comment or share one that you fancy.
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Check out the list of a few of my favorite resources and other interesting links.
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If you would like to get in touch with Sit Down Entertainment regarding upcoming projects, or to submit a life scene, please fill out the contact form.
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