“Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.”
Winston Churchill


Sit Down Entertainment was born out of my love of movies. My absolute passion is writing screenplays and watching the characters’ personal arc develop as their journey unfolds. I want to create that emotional connection with the audience through the evolution of the characters. I want to engage the audience and make them feel as if they are living the happiness or struggles just like the characters.

I created the life scenes page to give ordinary readers an opportunity to provide a glimpse of their somewhat ordinary and sometimes extraordinary life moments. Everybody has at least one great life scene whether you’re a screenwriter or not. Through the life scenes page, I take the comedic life moment and write it as a scene in a movie.

Personal Scripts

I wanted to share with you the Glimpse movie trailer based on one of my screenplays. I have to thank the wonderful and talented Don Summers at S2 Design Lab who brought my vision to life.

Fun Facts

2005 ESPN Reality Show Winner
ESPN Reality Show – I’d Do Anything (Ultimate sports dream competition)

Jen-Hecht-Marsha-Merry-About Jen-Hecht-Sara-Hughes-Marsha-Merry-About

Below are the insane stunts that I competed in order to have my best friend Marsha win her ultimate sports dream to skate with Olympic Gold Medalist, Sarah Hughes.

  • Play hockey against professional women’s hockey team. (Yeah, that was fun. I just loved getting the wind knocked out of me time and time again.)
  • Try to gain as many yards as possible on a football field before trained attack dogs pummel me to the ground. (The muzzle almost came off one the dogs, and I was pretty sure he was going to remove one of my
  • Bowl in my underwear inside a packed bowling alley. (My worst nightmare actually came true.)
  • Do a NASCAR-like pit stop on a tiny platform raised 50 feet in the air. The race car drops to the ground with a large explosion as I dangle high in the sky. (It would have been awesome if I weren’t deathly afraid of heights.)

Tennis Pro

I was nationally ranked as a junior player. My national rank in doubles at that time was #24. I was recruited to play #1 in singles and doubles at Coastal Carolina University. No need to ask the year of commencement. Not important.

“I think I might have told Daniel Nestor to go sit down..not sure.. He did get me back with a sick drop shot.”

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