“Everyone has a story. There are hilarious experiences that we all have had, and often think to ourselves ‘wouldn’t that be a great scene in a movie.”
Jennifer Hecht

Life Scenes

Everyone has a story. There are hilarious experiences that we all have had, and often think to ourselves “wouldn’t that be a great scene in a movie.” I created the life scenes page to give ordinary readers an opportunity to provide a glimpse of their somewhat ordinary and sometimes extraordinary life moments. Everybody has at least one great life scene whether you’re a screenwriter or not. Through the life scenes page, I pick certain comedic scenes and write them script format. Some of the life scenes I like just as stories and I’ve posted them as well. Please comment I always appreciate the feedback. Happy reading!

I want the audience to see how I would take a funny or unique experience and create it as a scene in a movie.

If you have a life scene you want to submit please go to the contact page for details.

Aquaphor For Life

by Jennifer Hecht

So, ladies -and the gents – it’s time to get on the Aquaphor bandwagon. You know, I’ve voiced my love for some Aquaphor in the past. My favorite line was, “I slather it on like icing on a sheet cake.” Before investing in a plethora of the so-called “miracle cures” of fine lines products (you all see those posts), here’s Continue Reading... 63::75

Sick of the Poke Button on Facebook

by Jennifer Hecht

Pokes..yeah…I’m still trying to understand why #Facebook still has this button. Isn’t it enough with all of our likes, comments, direct messaging, game requests (that’s another issue), etc.? Don’t get me started about the requests to play Farmville or Candy Crush. We don’t do it..I’m still perplexed why they don’t have the dislike button. There are so many times when Continue Reading... 63::75

Minxy aka Momma’s Sweetie

by Jennifer Hecht

We all love our pets and would do anything for them, right?  I’ve never owned a cat but I grew up with dogs, but I love all animals so I was happy to help one of best girlfriends who worked late during the week. She lived next door to me, so one evening I stopped by to feed her indoor Continue Reading... 63::75

Red Hot

by Jennifer Hecht

This life scene is a family treat and one of my favorites. My sisters and I were sitting at the kitchen table when my stepmom walks in the house with a pink bag clenched in her hand. She rushes it upstairs. My older sister says, “What’s in the bag?” We start to laugh, and she ignores us. I pet my Continue Reading... 63::75

The Old Answering Machine

by Jennifer Hecht

It’s strange to think back when our voicemails didn’t require cryptic passwords. The good ole’ days before cell phones. I have to say that my family was slightly ahead of the curve in the technology department. All three of us girls had personal phone numbers along with an old style answering machine. It’s archaic, but it was 1993 and my Continue Reading... 63::75

Underwear Bandit

by Jennifer Hecht

“It was Thanksgiving week 1998, and my best friend Wendi joined me for a week-long trip to Michigan. We stopped at the local mall to stock up on some sassy undies. My dad gave me $40 for the entire weekend, and I spent it all at Victoria’s Secret. I had to make a pit stop in the bathroom before the Continue Reading... 63::75

5th Avenue’s Finest

by Jennifer Hecht

“I was walking down 5th Avenue, and you all know how much I love germs and how I always have Purell on hand. I was very close to this disheveled mess of a woman when she proceeded to sneeze in her hand and lick her palm! However, she didn’t stop there- oh no! She made sure to lick the remainder Continue Reading... 63::75

What’s beneath the sheets?

by Jennifer Hecht

WHAT’S BENEATH THE SHEETS? by Jennifer Hecht “My sisters are insanely brilliant and funny so you know it’s a double whammy when they are up to no good. It was my sophomore year in high school and the dead of winter in Michigan. For those who live in “the mitten,” you know exactly what I’m talking about. I had about Continue Reading... 63::75

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